blowing stuff up

ENTRY # 26 From the moment we entered Pennsylvania, on through Maryland and onto Virginia… FIREWORKS!*@#$!

We’re in Virginia for the weekend. I got a carload of little testosterone units, and its legal! “Dad, you mind pulling over into one of those?” Dad does. Connor and Aidan hop out and immediately start grabbing rockets. 7 years old, and Aidan is already grabbing crackers bigger than his torso with the understanding that bigger is better and you get more bang for your buck. Frightening. The brand name on everything at the stand is “TNT”. After Connor and Aidan have alternately hit me with, “Can we get this?”, each time proffering a multicolored brightly packaged enticing bomb, I tell them to step back and decide upon the smallest package they’ve got (17 bucks with over 20 of these things, each with cautionary printed rectangles admonishing that it be used only under adult supervision, that one should light the thing, and immediately retreat) – plus three boxes of sparklers. That night, they dutifully eat everything on their dinner plates and we have our private show as dusk falls. Sparkles. Whistles. Showers of light. Whizz-bangs. After the package is depleted, they run around in the dark, sparklers aloft, shouting they’re kings of some magic land. I wonder if this is what fairies look like, making brilliant chaotic trails. They love it. Even Gabriel goes “whoo!” So worth it to watch them run round like little maniacs, shrieking – really shrieking with delight and awe, and Im a kid all over again, plus I get to be the one holding the match.


Cath,,, 1057000692, 2004-05-16 20:41:17, WOW…firworks in your backyard?? COOL! Good trip?

Francois Lachance,,, ,, 1084411011, 2004-05-16 20:41:17, Fireworks in June, cloud watching in March (See March 13, 2004 Media and messages.Lessons in how to prolong the ephemeral. And somehow it makes me think about thinking outside the box — depends what you put into it.

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