body is illing, the spirit is weak

ENTRY # 20 Had a lovely time with the family in VA. Drove back last night, reading “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” whenever I wasnt driving. Conference today. Finished the book during afternoon break. It was like wolfing down a good meal. Wanted to know what happened next and next and next…and then it was over. Damn. Have to wait another couple of years for the next installment. Shmoozed over dinner …or tried to. Its tiring being interesting, interested, attentive…nice people. Fun conversation, but still- Im whooped. Introvert to the core, still. Will post excerpts from the conference tomorrow. Now? Bed calls. (There is something luxurious about returning to your own bed after being away).


Brendyn,,, ,, 1056429838, 2004-05-16 20:41:17, Welcome back. Ive got loads to fill you in on when youve simmered down 😉 And that book…yeah, thats how all the previous ones were with me, I just couldnt stop reading them. Ill drop you a line sometime that you appear to be temporarily immersed in iChat and catch ya up 😀

fivecats,,, ,, 1056513286, 2004-05-16 20:41:17, LiveJournal automatically sends comments back to the original author via email — provided youre an LJ user. Since you have a REAL blogsite, Im posting my HP5 reply here since its tangentially related to this entry. _(Weez said: Im done too…and it was like I rushed too fast through a good meal. Have to go back and savor a bit more slowly.So when is the next one?-weez)_I agree. Im already re-reading it, albeit far more slowly this time. When I was reading it I had the feeling every now and then that it was on the long-ish side, but I couldnt tell what Id edit out of the story. (Im finding that Im reading the books with the notion of trying to see what theyre going to cut out of the movie. Thats different from what Im talking about here.) Ive spoken to several to or heard about several people who have all torn through the book. My wife didnt understand why I was reading it so fast. “Youve waited three years. Id think youd want to savor it!” she said. “Thats what the second read-through is all about,” I said. No idea when Book 6 is due out. This one was delayed due to J.K. having a bout of writers block. Seems to me she put out the others about every two years or so. Im very interested in how shes going to handle Book 6. There are lots of things to resolve from Book 5. While Harrys anger throughout the book was very typical of a 15 year old (and a 16 year old, and a 17 year old…) Im hoping he settles down a bit. I ended up wanting to smack him upside the head after a while. Most interestingly is how shes going to handle Harry as needing to become a murderer. He now has a clear mission (which has been building throughout the series) and how that balances with the rest of his life will have to be handled delicately. (After all, she has a very large younger audience) …

Francois Lachance,,, ,, 1083895367, 2004-05-16 20:41:17, Today while elsewhere on the Weez Blog conversation turns to fresh linens. I am unfolding two neatly stacked entries. This one of June 19, 2003 and that one of March 18, 2004. The one serves up the figure of reading as food intake before recording the call to bed. The other is set before dawn and a glass of water figures in its meditations as well as laundry. I like the rewrite of the willing spirit and weak flesh into an expression with more symmetry. Weezs “illing” also has a nice dual meaning. Short for “willing” and there is simple transposition of predicated from the usual expression “the spirit is willing but the body weak”. The is another reading that doesnt run on a dropped “w”. The body is not feeling well. It is illing. As it is the source of illness. It is illing. The dictionaries freely available online do not seem to have yet document the verb form of “ill”. I did find some interesting instances where a dropped “w” and the context suggest that “illing” was akin to “itching”. E.g. “[…] where everyone is illing [sic] to put aside their work and just hang out […]” And the words cast shadows like a glass of water — see and take the time to scry. And after sunset to dream of scrying in your dreams. Night, night.

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