ENTRY # 43 The upshot of the following links is this: There was a hacker contest this past Sunday. It got varying levels of attention worldwide prior to the event. There was damage, but not a big deal overall Moral of the story- always be on your guard. Web hacking contest claims no big names

LONDON, England (Reuters) — Computer hackers vying in a global contest on Sunday defaced a slew of Web sites, but the damage was confined to the Internets backwater of small, unsecured sites, security officials said.

and the hacker-contest site itself was hacked by other hackers. So we have geeky Hatfields and McCoys. Why do I think its a guy thing? Like capoera, break dancing, and all sports. (Imagine this pasty dough guy doing “Whos the man!” after replacing the text on an intro page to “Megadeath zord rules!”*) *Note: this behavior will not win chicks.

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