It’s just a tiny thing

White. Round.

Respect for chemistry and what it does. Man. This tiny pill is some cortisone anti inflammatory juggernaut that killed the pain and allowed me to walk. It also makes the rest of me feel numb. It’s weird. I think I’d rather feel than feel like this.

But it’s been a few days of being able to walk without wincing.

I now understand why I’m only on it for five days. After the first day I wondered, this is great! Why not forever?

I want my body back as I remember it. Not this new normal.


  1. Itzel

    I feel like when I don’t check for a few days, then a lot goes on with the blog. Are you ok? Was this a hospital visit for a check-up or something? Should I feel any worry?

  2. No worries. After my trip to SF, my leg totally gave out. The tendonitis was bad enough that it was difficult and painful to walk. That’s when I got the super pills. I’m doing better now. And not taking anything for granted.

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