it’s off to work we go

So I get picked up and escorted to my two hour lecture, have a bit of a break with a side of primary care physician (“oh hai! doc. I know you’ve only seen me three times in twenty years. Nope, it isn’t bronchitis.”), and a four hour evening class. There’s a pesky 8 am class tomorrow, but that is so eighteen hours from now.

I shall admit a worry about stamina, and how all of this is going to work. This whole thing where my body isn’t quite doing what I intend is just plain weird. I got the lectures down. I figure if I am stationary so I can just speak and not really have to attend to standing or walking, I’ll be fine. Note, I am cognizant that if I can’t walk, I sure as hell should not drive.

First world problems.

If we were a bunch of nomadic hunter gatherers, my sorry a$$ but would have been left on a grassy dune. Instead, I get to stroll at a leisurely pace on the arm of a friend who shall surreptitiously ensure I don’t face plant. I know what they’re up to. I am thankful.

As a side note, dear Stephen dropped off a wizardly staff so I can lean on it. The notion that I actually could look a student in the eye and say, “You shall not pass!” is kinda fantastic.

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