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ENTRY # 24 I could be writing the rest of my presentation notes in article form, or I could do what Im going to do, and procrastinate. Its hot and humid. A day like this makes me body conscious. My own. Others. Everyone. We shed layers and reveal what lies underneath. Each body has a sheen. Form emphasized. Those who move with determination and purpose are suspect. Its a day for underwater locomotion. For grace, lemonade and shade.


Francois Lachance,,, ,, 1084234040, 2004-05-16 20:41:17, We shed layers with graceful gaucheness … and find the flung garment months later in another month March on another day the Ides and in the same year (june2003-march2004). In that entry there is mention of the Renaissance and there is reference to pictorals by Leonardo. And so the entry here is read as an instance of art made to look easy, an instance of the High Renaissance value of sprezzatura.”It is an art which does not seem to be an art” as Castiglione put into the mouth of a character in The Book of the Courtier (and someone translated, but not I). Lemonade and shade. So fine. So simple. So in touch with sprezzatura.

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