On the significance of food

Two of each kind of the dollar oysters. Yes to the drink special…A winter sangria. A salad of radicio and pork cracklings.

It’s a special decadence to eat well, to be served. It’s a touch of sin to spend money on something so functional as a meal.

But food can sustain the soul; be as good as a massage… Well, pretty close. No. There were those grilled scallops. Yes. Potentially as good.

When I cook for others, it’s more than sustenance. It’s for health, for care… Sometimes to share an experience. It’s a gift of love.

This belief of food and the sharing of it or the creation of it is so a part of my being, it never occurred to me that others didn’t share that most basic of understanding.

Marie wanted a taste of her boyfriend’s plate. “You always do this. Why didn’t you just order the same thing?”

Red flag. Someone that can’t share is a bad man. Stingy with food? He won’t share his heart.

Excuse me. Yes, the maple Bourbon creme brulee and a decaf, please.

Had to explain to a son that it was the height of rudeness to make yourself a snack and not offer to me while he was at it. What’s the word? Self centered. Even if you know I’ll say, “no”.

Anyway. Tonight is a special occasion. I am indulging me.


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