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ENTRY # 2539

From where I am right now, I cant imagine a resolution to the story. This is where semi-autobiographical fiction can take its turn, because even I hate watching it unfold in real time. The head monkeys were never very precise. They were just a wall of internal noise. Now that Ive given them character, I kinda have to make something up. Still dont know what they (as individuals) would say. Not sure what I (personallly) need them to say to me.

Hell. Its a blog. Not a novel. And you arent visiting here expecting one. There doesnt have to be a logical narrative arc. Ill just post anything story-related on the side bar and number them if they fit a sequence, and asterisk them if they are an optional vignette. Probably will re-order them if something sensible emerges. Its a plan of sorts. Just me and my head.

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