what the capuchin had to say

ENTRY # 2542

I am not surprised that the Capuchin sounds like Pat Morita. (The other option would have been James Earl Jones, but the Capuchin does not have the authority of God.) Depending on whether or not I want to take what he is about to say seriously, I can either channel Mr. Miyagi or Arnold.

I have placed the photograph unmolested back into the box. The woman and man will continue their date. They will be happy in that moment ignorant of their coming demise. “Leave em be. Let them get what they can while they can.”

I say, “Arent you the same monkey that said it was okay to sleep with Dick?” (That really was his name. It was appropriate.)

He shrugs, “Yeah.”

“And you saw how that went?”


“You have no credibility.” I head back toward the box to rip the photo into shreds. Stop it before it goes any further.

He whispers, “Dont.” It stops me. “It is what it is. And its good while it lasts. Nothings lasts so get it while you can.” He makes sense for a split second before the anger flares up. Arnold. Yeah. Arnold. But I turn around and stomp down the stairs. The Baboon approves.

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