I wonder how really doable this schedule is. It may just be a stamina issue. The Monday class I adore energetically ran for the full four hours and a little over to past 10PM. I didn’t take a sleeping pill since I didn’t think there was enough time for the effects to wear off by 6:30 when I needed to wake up for my 8AM Tuesday class (which I also like).

So I didn’t take the generic ambien. I also didn’t sleep at all.

Not sure if schedule or lack of stamina

Kinda slogged along and did a free fall as soon as I was dropped off.

The balance and walking seems to be great. The sleep-stamina-brain chugging cycle is now the thing. I feel myself getting prickly. Well, prickly for me. At this point, I think it’s a matter of sleep. The healing continues. I have the doctor’s appointment Thursday morning for the echocardio thing. I am hoping for the umbrella.

The dress arrived and I’d rather not have the hole in my heart.

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