Rosario’s Garden 4

ENTRY # 41 And again, another day, Niel bolts from the big house to her. Almost every day when he can. He leaves tidiness and expectations (so many of them) to play in the dirt. They didnt really care that was gone. The benefit is that he isn’t underfoot nor touching delicate expensive things. The first few visits, it took a while to find her. She blends in so well, and chameleonlike her skin is dappled, more gold or brown depending on the environs. Its a trick of the light, hes certain (hes too sensible to believe in magic), but he likes the notion that he has a magical friend.

She commands, “Follow me!” “Hey! Wait a minute.” He pants. Breathless as usual because he now announces his arrival with a loud whoop. She’s already walking away, her arms full of debris. Some of it falls with each step, and it looks like sprouts are growing in her trail. “C’mon. We got to see the old lady.”

“Old lady? What you talking about?” They go up out of the vale where the growth gives way to grasses. The trees leave this hill to one very old contorted one. “Heres my old lady!” At the base of the tree, Rosario drops her load of old leaves, eggshells, moss and other kinds of semi-rotted plant life.

“Its a tree. I thought you were bringing me to somebody.” “She is somebody. Look!” Rosario shows him her eyes, and mouth. She turns to check the vantage. “See, she looks this way because its prettiest over there.” “You’re a goof.” Niel spies a dot at his feet, squats and squashes the ant. But he looks to where Rosario is facing, and yeah, he concedes its pretty with a very slight nod and shrug.

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