Specifications notes

Researching the creation of my puppet. I don’t know what will allow me the most expressiveness. I need to be able to manipulate eyebrows, the lower and upper eyelids, cheeks and mouth. She will not have very much dialog, perhaps none at all. The monkeys can telegraph thoughts with superimposed words. So the emotional barrage is all in facial expression and posture.

For both the main and the monkeys, There is much that can be communicated in the hands and, in the case of the monkeys, the tail.

While I am not going to be doing any lip sync, there is much here in regards to working with reference material and timing.

The story still isn’t solid. Going to be ping ponging back and forth between model making, scripting, and set building. It’s like when I was working on the gallery show; I’d drift from when aspect of the show to another whenever I got stuck.

Clay replacement faces:

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