still selfie-ing

Words: alright (an upgrade from okay), rested, nostalgic

Observation: the inner feelings don’t necessarily match the exterior

2014-05-09 09.54.12

Getting pretty good at the selfie-ing. It’s Elaine’s super power to be able to use an SLR, turn it around and aim it so everyone is actually in the shot.

Selfie lessons learned in this scant two weeks:

  • Stick your head out forward like imitating a chicken. It’s like an insta-facelift
  • Position the camera so it’s tilting down toward you so your face had dimension. I think the primary reason people think I am photogenic is that I am short, so this their camera is almost always above.
  • Light source is best if it’s from above and off at an angle.
  • Diffuse light (bounced or through clouds) is more forgiving than direct light

The original thought was to have myself in front of a white background consistently. Rather, it is more interesting to see the various contexts and people around me. In fact, more interesting than the self. Otherwise, all I’ve got to contemplate are “more wrinkles? bloated? bad hair day?”

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