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Saw the neurologist. Staying the course. He has no idea why I am retaining water and my boobs might go up a size or two in a day. (I swear it’s like I am nursing). But I am also having hot flashes and this could be noise related to perimenopause. Anyway, he said that particular thing is not him.

The left leg hypersensitivity (interpretation of light touch as pain, tingling, pins and needles – the nerves are just crazy firing) could be a result of all the rewiring that is going on and could go away after a time…or it may be chronic. It’s up to me as to whether or not I want to take meds. I am opting not and sucking it up a while longer. Wish I knew. Hoping it will end. The pain is annoying…and it’s almost Summer and I have wedges and heeled sandals to wear – damnit.

Stamina is still an issue. Again, could still be the energy of mending taking its toll. If it’s still an issue in a month, he recommends checking out sleep disorder.

I think that was the extent of it. The hole in my heart is trivial. The going theory for the cause is that the clot was formed on the plane trip and the hole allowed its passage to my brain. I could see a hematologist for more investigation, but if they do find something it may mean…what? More blood thinners?

Staying the course. Taking the daily aspirin. Hoping these annoyances resolve and SOON. It’s making me cranky.

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