Girlism side tracks

ENTRY # 63

Liz was talking about how alpha males use their sexuality in their arsenal of power.
True. Girlism – as defined by Halley Suitt has its own power as well. Working at the D.O.D. in the 80s, to be taken seriously, I swore like the guys. I wore big padded shoulders and baggy clothes that denied my sex. The prevailing notion was that women had been objectified far too long, and to be credible, sexuality should be taken out of the equation. Women would be judged by their intellect, their competence, their – I dunno, all kinds of other stuff – but ignore the body that all this stuff came from. Flash forward. Ever see “The Pretender“? TV show. Catch the reruns on TNT. Theres a character there named Miss Parker. (Forget Jarod – cute, tortured, but too nice to be interesting. All the dish is at the Centre). The womans tough. An unbelievable bitch at times. But strong- and undeniably female. And she kicks ass even more so that anyone else around her, because shes doing it in a low cotralto. Because shes smooove. What she exudes is that shes got the intellect, the competence, the skills, EVERYTHING – and she does it with style to boot. Not only can she do serious damage in every arena of the mind, she has the gall to be beautiful. What makes her sexy is the complete package. And the main thing is that it is interwoven. Not denied, not put at the forefront, but infuses everything. “I am woman, hear me roar!” naw. That is soooo played. You dont roar because youre a woman. You roar because you want to. That youre a woman, only makes it better – because your voice is sweeter. In fact, you KNOW that a growl will get you more. That is girl power.

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