a melbrookish day

Saw the neurologist this morning. Hold out your hands. I said, “This is fine, but I shoot with this hand.” (I really did.)

I also did the follow the finger, stand, sit, close eyes, heel-toe dance. Kept thinking of Young Frankenstein before he put on the Ritz.

It was a Mel Brooks kinda mornin’.

The doctor said I am now asymptomatic. Balance is good. Tired is normal, he told me it takes a lot of energy to redo things that are not automatic; that walking involves thousands of stimuli, muscle movements and compensation.

Note to family- my blood pressure is on the high side and there may be a genetic disposition to it. Got bloodwork done to see if I had a specific gene anomaly for some clotting disorder, and five other tubes for other tests. So glad it’s one poke. I’m supposed to keep an eye on it. There is the possibility of meds, but I could avoid the whole med thing by exercising regularly again and decreasing my salt intake. I’d rather go that route. So as stamina improves, the re-introduction of aerobic exercise is the thing. So, mom and dad, you already know the drill, siblings, it may be in our future unless we are proactive about it.

The doc saw no barrier to me driving, but recommended against giving my first go round in rush hour on 390. Reasonable. And there is that promise I made. I still won’t drive as long as I get woozy after an hour and a half. It’s better, but yeah, a bit more stamina would be good.

Tomorrow is the echocardiogram and other syllables. Kim gets to drive me again. Yay! Mo’ info tomorrow about the structure of my heart and possibly a bit more in “The Case of the Mysterious (teeny) Stroke”.

and while waiting, we found that Draw Something is the best game ever. (available through FB, the apple store, and the android store).


  1. jeanne

    My first boss had three strokes in a day. Not teeny. They found it was a clotting disorder and it is genetic so his kids have to watch for it. I have no memory anymore but I seem to recall this was treatable once it is known.

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