I Want to be Sedated

Twenty four twenty four hours ago…

20 minutes to make it under the wire for a daily post.

The nurse explained that the sedation wouldn’t necessarily knock me out, but I wouldn’t remember anything. I’m pretty sure I was knocked out. I know I didn’t remember things. Kim took me there for my eight am appointment. She’d been singing the Ramones since yesterday when they called about this appointment.

She hung out with me all day. (Thanks Kim). At one point I remembered that I didn’t know the result of the morning’s transesophegeal echocardiogram. (Translation: an ultrasound of the heart taken by running a camera down one’s throat).

So, I think I am supposed to contact the neurologist I saw yesterday…or was it my primary care physician? Will have to ask Kim again, because thankfully she remembers what happened. The nurse wasn’t lying about the amnesia thing.

I remember the part through where the fellow played the Ramones on his phone. “I Want to Be Sedated” should be the theme of all anesthesiologists.

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