family reunion

ENTRY # 84

We got into town late enough to miss my parents and siblings dinner. Caught them at the point where they were paying the check. The restaurant/bar has a no one under 21 after 9:30 policy, so Jim and say our goodbyes in search of a family friendly kind of place, and lobster–it is Maine. Dinner. The kids watched by their Tita Leece.

Jim and I go back for open bar. Filipinos and Celtic folk. Its big fat wedding weekend. We walk into the bar. My brother gives Jim a boubon. My cousin, K, gives me a big hug.

“I love you! You got to catch up. Iv’e had 5 shots!” beat “I love you soooo much.”

Elaine, “Is she still talking?”

Drinks are handed around. Elaine pokes me. “Booby” (This is an adjective – as in big boobs. We are a matched pair). She takes me to the bar and introduces me to the bartender and some guy whos been sitting there for a while. We bond. K appears with 6 shots of tequilla. Jim is summoned to join and take one. Salt, shot, lemon. We bond. I make the rounds and nurse one drink the rest of the night.

The aunts are getting older-they age well. Bodes well for us. The cousins are growing up fast. (We all like Rob, Noots boyfriend). Two of the younger cousins look the same, their high school sweeties, however, grew up. No way! Thats not J! He was this kid, whos this guy? Oh! Not you too! Damn! Time melts. Im young, dating, and facing the aunt inquisition. Im old, dancing on the floor with my husband, and sons in turn.

I am watching my babies. I am watching them with their girlfriends. I babysit Aileen. Aileen is a bride. The kids that used to jump on me are going to college. The cousins are running as a pack. Different clumps, divided by age, by marital status, by parental status. My boys are in the next generation, running with the twins and cousins kids. I can sense the multiple universes, feel different iterations running parallel to this one. Each family a story spinning off.

K is back. “I love you! Someone asked me who my beece was?” (Beece, short for B.C., short for best cousin) “and I said, Weez.” We used to ba a pack. K, and Kath, Leece and me. The first Beeces. Ive lost touch. Through the night I fade in and out of time and place, Im me, alone, watching–I am me, part of a large family, running to keep up with the pack. Im sure we all do this–toggle between self and hive mind, wonder where we are and how we fit in.


Phoenix,,, 1060133568, 2004-05-16 20:41:18, Weez – If you are anywhere near Wells/Ogunquit, call me so we can go have a quick drink somewhere! Or email me w/ your info and Ill call you!! Phoenix

elouise,,, ,, 1060140213, 2004-05-16 20:41:18, Sorry I missed you. We came (Friday night). We saw (Kennebunk, Portland), We left (Monday at noon). But Maine is wonderful. Id consider moving to Portland…Ill be in Camden for the PopTech! conference in October. Perhaps, something then.

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