Full fathoms my friends lie

ENTRY # 70

Say I’ve got problem X.

Okay, Ive got problem X.

Its a biggie–complicated, repercussions for the rest of my life, yadda, yadda, yadda. So my head has been spinning in a loop dee loop. My emotions doing more of a twist, mash potato, sink/swim combination.

I was out with two of my best friends. Both lovely strong-willed opinionated folk. My kinda people. Caring buds that they are, they asked how I was doing? This opened up a whole metaphysical meaning of life, love, relations, self vs. greater good kind of discussion. The beauty of this is that they were the voices in my head made physical.

Granted, no ultimate answers were delivered from on sideways- but there they were – my conscience and id talking to one another while I could look on and laugh. So no problems were solved, except this – I know that I’m loved, and that is a tremendous thing to have in ones pocket. Life will (and it will) bring it on, and I’ll stand there cool, hands in my jeans, nonchalant, holding love in the palm of my hand. That is the secret to grace.

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