it’s all in the details

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2…pretty great.

The quality of faces and hands (the animated and the real folks both) grab at feeling.

I’d like to see stills of Groot. He doesn’t have eyebrows. I clearly got sadness, and awe, and amusement, and perplexedness. Rocket too. I think I have a lot of modeling to do.

In “Snowcrash”, Stephenson talks about how Juanita explains the importance of faces in interfaces, “to make meaning from the vapor of nuance”. I can feel my eyes narrow slightly and my brows furrow as I think.  I tried to remember where I learned it, and there it was, the involuntary movement of my eyes up and to the right. 43 muscles in the face. Different meanings when things happen symmetrically or asymmetrically.

Interesting to look at these pictures analytically; just the cheeks, just the angle of the eyebrows or the distance between them, just the mouth…

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