If I grow up

I’m gonna be an award winning animator and body builder (not a competitive one) .

Summer goals:

  • finish the script and storyboard
  • rehab my ankle
  • get back to being able to bench press 3 sets at 50 pounds
  • lose an inch around my waist

These are things under my control. In this way, one fights entropy.

I was starting think and feel that I was old and broken.

I am neither.

I guess that at the time I was probably by the standards of beauty, actually beautiful – that whole 32-24-32 youthful thing, was when I was in my teens through early twenties. But I was absolutely certain of my ugliness at the time. Confidence is not the domain of the young. Perhaps, it isn’t really the domain of any age, but I am more certain of who I am now. And most days I feel I look alright, and I dress to please myself.

Perhaps beauty and strength is a state of mind rather than an objective reality.

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