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ENTRY # 72 My aunt is a nun in the Philipines. She sent two emails, one was a regular family update- that ended with

Something urgent just came on the FAX. Ill call by phone about it. I have to go. Pray for the peace of our country. Take care and God bless.

She returns a few minutes later.

Hello again! Thanks be to God. The emergency that I mentioned in my last message was about a coup plot. But about half an hour ago, a list of the names of ten (2 Navy and 8 Army) junior officers (most of them 1st Lts.) was flashed on TV. The President has ordered their arrest and court martial. Gen. Abaya read the names and reason for arrest. The President used “Mutiny within the Ranks” on the CNN channel. I dont know the nuances between the expression used. Abaya added that there are another ten (no names given) who are also to be arrested. Thanks be to God, Chen and Emil are out of it. Emil and I talked on the phone. Chen was out of the house, so we havent talked. So far, so good. About fifteen minutes ago, the electricity and telephone lines were cut off AT THE SAME TIME, which gave us Sisters a real fright. Sabay be naman! But it came bacl after a few minutes, thanks be to God again. Thus far, the news. Pray for peace in our country. Thanks. God bless.

So much taken for granted – to live in a country where we can freely bitch about our government, and never think twice about whether or not we have one. Even post 9-11, we are naive, enured to stories beyond our borders, well removed from chaos. A simple email from my aunt, who isnt Kevin Bacon. Politcal drama is not 6 degrees away. Its only a handshake.

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