notes because it ain’t over

Blood pressure ranges from 95-145 systolic throughout the day. I hit 200 once. It was scary to have all the displays in a bright red. I took the pressure three times, still red. left it alone for a half hour, back down to 130. Weird. A little scary. Blamed it (maybe) on running on 3 hours of sleep.

My left leg is electric. I keep checking between the two and superficially, they are the same temperature – but the left always feels hot, and like it’s waking from sleep. Touching it causes pain. I am fairly certain that the leg is fine and this is all a matter of perception.

This one is weird – my breasts will go up and down a cup size (maybe two) in the span of a few hours. It isn’t my imagination. It’s like when I was nursing. No lie. As it does this my weight fluctuates about five pounds. Probably this fluid isn’t just my breasts. I see it in my face.

And then there is the additional ten pounds, but that is probably from the sleeping and lack of exercise. I started a slow return to exercise.

All stuff to talk to the doc about.

ADDED: Not crazy. Found this…

HIDDEN SIDE EFFECTS (after a stroke)

…Unstable blood pressure is a side effect that increases the need for frequent monitoring and frequent medication adjustments. The body’s fluid balance is frequently in flux as a result of electrolyte disturbances thus increasing the risk of peripheral edema.

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