Rosario’s Garden 3

ENTRY # 39 “Come back!” “Come back here now! Your aunt Lil wants to see you!” Hidden under the table-clothed endtable; he watches pastel sensible shoes walk away then makes a break for the door. Out the door. Down the hall. Out the house and down the dirt drive. He looks back and sees more well dressed folk being let out of their cars, handing keys to Miles and Jed. All of them smell like powder or pomade. He runs farther down the road, out the gate. The light changes from yellow, to gold, to green as he turns this way and that. He runs until the house is gone, and all is left is foliage and wet moss. Finally, he sets himself down on a patch of tromped grass. There are eyes in the bushes. Just two. Curious ones. And a head, atop a twig body. Theres a brown girl there, so much a part of jungle that she seemed to have sprouted from the earth.

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