stranger an ex

Saw his face show up on facebook. He looks pretty much the same. A little older, his face has filled out a bit.

“Would you like to friend this person?”

The idea that “friend” is a verb is an odd notion. With a click of a button, we make a connection and define that there is something there. Whatever it is. Something one would admit to.

Do I want to know what you are doing with your life? Whether or not you are married or have kids? Do I wish you well? Do I still care?

Subject – verb – object. //// He broke my heart.

Passive voice. ///// My heart was broken. There is no actor for the verb, it just happened. Now I think, he didn’t break my heart. I did it to myself, or let it be broken. All he did was just leave. In hindsight, it was a natural thing to feel; and it was right to feel strongly all the things. It just hurt, that’s all.

“Would you like to friend this person?”

I don’t remember what we had or why it hurt so much. He did know that eventually he would be dead to me. Now he’s just somebody that I used to know. Poor coping mechanism indeed.



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