It takes a village

The village cares for me. They also care a great deal for my boys. They took off for Philly. I spent the day in the room watching Avatar – the Last Airbender, napping and when Matt came back got a chance to see Andy and Kim for a bit. My story of yesterday not so interesting.

Kim got to be the sole representation of any estrogen on their trip into the city.

Mark, her husband, is this great gruff funny guy-guy. I think he is the only guy-guy I know. No offense to my other guy friends, but your geekdom kinda takes you down from total guy-guyness. Badger is up there with his hockey talkin’ ways, but he doesn’t have Mark’s former bouncer badassery. Matt has too much British humour type sensibility to qualify. And Ed is just too nice. It’s a great mix of personalities to set as role models. The base layer is respect and camaraderie with a thick layer of wit and a good smattering of silly. They really are great.

Despite this badassery, Mark’s gooey center is pretty apparent. I also have absolutely no doubt he would beat the crap out of anyone who threatened my guys. I particularly like his dynamic with Gabe. I think they get each other.

You!” Gabe pretends to ignore Mark, all fake nonchalance. “You are to be arms length of me at all times.”

“Yeah. Yeah.” He makes a grab for my hand.

“Your mother will not save you.”

I say, “He is in charge. Seriously. He will take care of you.”

“But it’s not the zombie apocalypse.” like this buys Gabe anything.

So Mark grabs him. And he continues to pretend that no one is the boss of him (except me).

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