Vague memories of cross country trips in hotels with kitchenettes, of sitting in the back piled on one another, of some little sibling sleeping heavily on my shoulder. Mom had a baby on her lap in the front.

Settling in
The boys pick their space.

Three cars, a boy in each. I have no doubt Aidan was getting edified by Matt, Badger and Ed. He says he was coping. I swapped cars with Mark after the stromboli. Gabe was entertaining. As I found out about Pete and life, he chimed in with his experience. Connor mostly slept when I transferred over to the Kim car and would raise his head whenever some tune he loved played.

We did not stop to engage in this new sport of Badger’s called Amish tipping. There weren’t any out that late.

It just feels good to be together: friends and family. There’s been a lot of that.

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