Apparently they made a flipbook of a shot from “Evolution in the First Person” for SIGGRAPH ’99 when my animation was in the show reel. Joe Geigel found this and gave it to me.

key frames

So in the same way one sets up the key frames and then figure out the tweens, pacing, ease-in and out, so can the narrative be set. I hadn’t thought about it that way until I asked the candidate if she thought about narrative in that way. Apparently, I do.

tell me why

Margaret asked, “Why would you put into a public forum something that could as easily be private — like a diary?” It’s a very good question. Sand on the beach, crayons and paper, chalk and a sidewalk all illicit touch and shaping.  It’s a compulsion. These sketches are left uncaring as to whether or not someone views them. They exist regardless. They are made because I wanted to make them. …

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